According to its founding Charter, the activities that the Mobile Telecommunication Operators Association will carry out in order to realize its goals are as follows:

  • Taking necessary initiatives, in cooperation with the related ministries and/or regulatory institutions, to ensure a regional and global pioneering position for the companies that were established in Turkey and that signed concession/license agreements, in the field of telecommunications operation
  • Gathering information regarding the global developments and innovations in the telecommunications industry, and conveying this information to relevant companies, institutions or persons within the framework of the principles to be set by the Board of Directors
  • Supporting all kinds of projects that are considered that they may contribute to the development of the industry; receiving opinions and assessments of the relevant stakeholders on issues that are related to the objectives of the Association and communicating them to the appropriate institutions
  • Carrying out studies both within the association and in cooperation with public institutions, professional associations, press organs, NGOs, universities and scientists in order to raise awareness of and inform the society about the telecommunication services; and in this context, organizing conferences, seminars and forums etc. when necessary, or participating in or sending representatives to the events held by other institutions
  • Conducting work both on its own and jointly with the relevant public institutions and organizations, professional associations, media organs, non-governmental organizations as well as scientists to inform and raise awareness of the society on issues related to the telecommunication services; organizing, when necessary, activities in this context such as conferences, seminars, fora; actively participating in or sending representatives to events organized by relevant institutions and bodies
  • Doing studies necessary for the development of Turkish telecommunications sector by enabling all the relevant professionals, scientists, businesspersons, and employees from the public institutions come together in various platforms in line with the objectives of the Association; making recommendations to relevant institutions on current legislation or on the ones that are being formed; encouraging adoption of the required telecommunication policies; creating committees as well as working and experts’ groups within itself in accordance with the above-mentioned goals
  • Conducting guiding studies to increase the quality and efficiency of telecommunications services in Turkey, and to improve the international competitive power of the institutions operating in the field of telecommunications; providing consultancy services
  • Cooperating with domestic and international private and public institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, stock and commodity exchanges, professional organizations, foundations, associations, unions and other similar bodies in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation; and becoming a member to those institutions, sending representatives and participating in their activities when necessary
  • Exploring domestic or international education opportunities with the aim of training experts in the field of telecommunications and enabling them to contribute to the sector; providing financial support for those who meet the criteria to be determined, and/or encouraging similar initiatives
  • Making use of the media such as internet, newspapers, periodicals, books and brochures while carrying out its activities; producing content to be published in such media; organizing meetings, courses, seminars, conferences, congresses and panels; taking necessary steps to participate in domestic and international exhibitions, fairs and congresses
  • Establishing a database on telecommunications within the Association, and ensuring that members of the Association as well as those persons and institutions authorized by the Board of Directors to benefit from the said database
  • Supporting R&D activities in the field of telecommunication; undertaking initiatives that include organizing campaigns, competitions and giving awards for the development of new technologies in that field; cooperating with members, as well as universities, technical schools and research institutions in line with this purpose
  • Making and/or supporting social, cultural and scientific studies, and organizing courses and seminars within that scope